We are a husband and wife team of freelance artists who have lived and worked together for over thirty years in big old houses full of art. Alden is a musician and painter who loves humor, irony, and satire; Elizabeth is a writer, assemblage artist, and puppeteer who usually has her nose in a book or her hands in a bowl of bread dough.

The way we see it, the best art is the kind that makes you think long thoughts or laugh out loud. It moves you, comforts you, provokes you, or brightens your day. The artworks in our house all have a story that's known to us – they're not just things we like, we're aware of the hands that created them or the people who cared about them. Each piece holds a bit of our history together and reminds us of who we are or who we aspire to be. The same thing is true in the studio – the people behind our commissions have lives and stories of their own; when we're able to share that, even in small ways, the work we do for them reflects that care.

Artmaking is what we're wired to do and it shapes the sensibility of our home and the rhythm of our days. For us, living life with art means using our work and the spirit it creates, not only to explore ideas & pay the bills, but to develop friendships with the people who join us here. The space created by beauty, humor, and grace is a space that welcomes everyone.

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