Reading Comprehension song lyrics

Harford County Curriculum songs

•    Everybody’s paraphrasing (sung to the tune Surfin’ USA)

I was reading a story, at my school one day

There were characters and actions filling page after page

Then I heard my teacher ask us to tell it our own way

Everybody’s paraphrasing in our class today

Paraphrasing a story, is using your own words

You're using different language with the stuff you've heard

Like a different road to get to the same place

Everybody’s paraphrasing in our class today

•    And Then You Can Summarize (sung to the tune of Thank God I’m a Country Boy)

When you got a book that you need to summarize

You gotta have five things, it ain’t no surprise

Put ‘em all together, if it applies, 

And then you can summarize

Characters and setting, beginning, and the middle

And don’t forget the end, you gotta think a little

Put it all together for the answer to the riddle,

And then you can summarize!

•    The Question Asker Song (sung to the tune of Do Re Mi)

Who’s the kid who ran the zoo? 

What Do People Do All Day?

Wonder Where the Wild Things Are?

When’s the Magic School Bus going?

Where’s the the very Hungry Caterpillar?

Why does Go Dog Go Dog Go

How Many Feet Are in the Bed?

Asking questions so I’ll know

Who is wond'ring 'bout the text? 

What do you not comprehend?

When should you begin to ask?

Before, and during and the end

Asking helps you understand

When you see things you don't know

Wond'ring things about the text

Asking questions so you'll know

Who and what and where and why and how

Let's go!

•    Find the Main Idea (sung to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon)

Find the main idea when you read a book,

Start by finding key details, they’re in there if you look.

Stick them all together, see which things agree

Think about what they all mean, and that’s the main idea

•    How All These Books Are Connected to Me (to the tune of My Favorite Things)

Arthur the Aardvark and Click Clack Moo;

Berenstain Bears, If I Ran the Zoo.

Reading these stories, I’m going to see

How all these things are connected to me.

Curious George, he fell off his bike,

That happened to me, I know what it’s like.

The kids got concerned with Thing 1 and Thing 2;

I know what it’s like, has it happened to you?

Sometimes Miss Junie B Jones is the class clown,

That’s like the story about Amber Brown.

Both of those books have a similar theme;

Seems there are many connections for me.

I’m readingThe Lorax, that book is exciting;

The same stuff’s around me but just not in writing.

The Thneeds they remind me of things that we buy;

Careful connections of books to real life.

•    The Inference Song (sung to The Pink Panther Theme)

An inference is when you use the text to look for clues, that is what you do

Investigate the facts and you'll see what can be deduced

An inference comes from scrutinizing more and more

Make an inference and you’ll know more than you did before

•    Are You Going to See What’s Ahead (sung to the tune Scarborough Fair)

Are you going to see what’s ahead?

Use the clues, predict what comes next?

A mystery, no one knows for sure

Clues can help you make a guess

•    To Make a Conclusion (sung to the tune On Top of Spaghetti)

To make a conclusion, about a text

Take all of your knowledge, and here's what comes next:

Each question and inference, connection you've made

Mix them all together inside of your brain

Stir in your opinions, like soup in a pot

Blend in more ideas, and see what you've got 

These pieces of knowledge, they're now something new

You've drawn a conclusion, I'm happy for you

•    MyBCR Song (sung to the tune YMCA)

First grade, here’s what you have to do, I said First Grade, 

Read it all the way through, and then

Read it leafing through one more time so that you will know it better

Gather all the details you can, they all matter 

They will help you to plan, when you

Answer using several sentences

Then you’ll know you're all right

That's why you doing it

My BCR? (That's how you answer clearly)

My BCR? (No one-word answers!)

Explain it all, a brief constructed response

Refer to the text, that's what the teacher wants

My BCR (You've got to do some thinking)

My BCR (Restate the question)

Brief constructed response, what we're going to do

Use those details that's what you need to do



•    If I Had A Penny (sung to the tune of If I Had A Hammer)

If I had a penny

I’d spend it in the morning

I’d spend it in the evening

All over this mall

‘Cuz a penny is one cent

Five pennies are worth a nickel 

And ten pennies are worth a dime

All over this mall.

If I had a nickel

I’d spend it in the morning

I’d spend it in the evening

All over this mall

‘Cuz a nickel is five cents

Two nickels are worth a dime

And a nickel is worth five shiny pennies

All over this mall

If I had a dime

I’d spend it in the morning

I’d spend it in the evening

All over the mall

‘Cuz a dime is ten cents

It’s worth two nickels

And a dime is worth ten shiny pennies

All over this mall

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