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Word Game Box!

Pricing & Availability

Word Game Box is available through Young Audiences of Maryland to schools and organizations. Call or email to get started!

Individuals will eventually be able to buy single boxes through an online store, which we will announce when it’s up and running.

Word Game Box is designed for students in grades 2-5.

What’s Involved?

There are two parts:

the boxes and the videos.


The boxes are $25 each, shipped free, with a 10% discount for orders over 100.

Minimum order of 20 boxes for a school, for now. We will eventually offer individual box ordering.

Boxes will be either shipped or delivered to your school, and during quarantine you will be responsible for distributing them to your students.


The videos are a part of the fun of using Word Game Box, and they help students understand each step of the process covered in the book. 

They are hosted by Young Audiences of Maryland. Schools or districts purchase a year-long subscription which allows anyone at the school to access the videos when they use Word Game Box.

Subscription Pricing: 

$750/year for a school, for 1 year

$4500 for a school district, for 1 year

Added workshops live with Alden are also available. Contact Young Audiences of Maryland.

The box is a 12 x 9 x 2” box filled with over 300 magnetic words, a magnetic backboard, a 16-page book, and a dry erase marker.

There are 10 videos ranging 5-15 minutes long, with songs, games, and challenged for students in grades 2-5. These videos start students writing a simple rhyming couplet, all the way to writing their own parody song! 

There’s also one more video especially for grades K-1, and more are in the works.

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